Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stopped by to say...

I will have one last post coming.

In it I will wrap up this year (so you can access it on the sidebar) and I will also, *ahem*, post a picture of our school room. LOL!

Don't know exactly when I will get these done, but I just thought I would let you know. ;o)

Thanks again for all of the friendships!!!!

Praying for you all,
Mercy & family

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, I have news...

I'm just going to come right out and say it....
We are leaving SOW.
Ok, I know what you are thinking.
"You said you NEVER would." know the saying - never say never. ;o)

Over the holidays I just kept hearing Jesus whispering in my ear that it was time for a change.

The whole time I didn't quite know what that meant. I just knew it meant...change.

After a lot of prayer, and a little bit of whining -

I have purchased the HEART OF DAKOTA curriculum.
For all of my children.

And, because God said to do it...I am just walking forward and I'm not going to look back until He says it's ok. Because, He said to. I could get into a long, thoughtful discussion about some of the reasons why, but the REAL reason is - He told me to go.

So, I'm not going to sit and pout about it.
I know He knows what is best. ;o)

I fully expect that as we settle, I will (hopefully) see how I can bring some of the things I LOVE so much about SOW into our school day, in some way.

But, right now I am just walking through the door put before me.

I just don't know if I want to keep up on the blog right now. Maybe at some point I might even start a new one (like I've done in the past), but for now I'm just going to settle in.

This lady has a great blog for the kindergarten my daughter will be doing:

And, this lady is doing similar programs as my 11yo & almost 3yo boys are going to do.

So, that will give you an idea of what we are doing, while I'm away.

Thanks for reading our blog!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

...Cough...Happy New Year!!..cough, cough...

Well, not quiet the way I expected this new year to begin. I've been laying in bed for the past few days. Turns out I have influenza A and I have bronchitis. Ugh. I am feeling much better. Praise God! It's been a rough few days. The kids are so great though. Superkid has been a big helper with my very active two year old. My little bear loves to make cards, so I got a few of those and a crown to wear from her. Lol! :o) My sweet husband had to miss some work taking care of me too. He's the VERY best, I'm tellin' you.

School has been math mostly and Christmas presents the kids got, like the drawing book, the robots that have been put together, the piano they are all learning. It was so cute, I overheard little bear talking to Big D the other day and she was showing him how to make an F chord and trying to teach him how to play. Considering she doesn't really quite know how to was really cute!

I'm just thanking God for christmas gifts that I can consider "school" time stuff, you know?

Anyway, I have so much to say.
I just need to find a few minutes.

So, we'll, uh, catch up later, mmm kay?
In the meantime, I'm drinking me some tea and going back to bed!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas in full swing 'round here!

Christmas tree up...check!
House decorated...check!
Christmas cards done...check!

And on it goes, doesn't it?

Is there a check mark to make sure we have the Love of our Lord working in our home? Lol!

Today the kids and I are going to visit a local nursing home. We are going to pass out some candy canes & share the Gospel by handing out tracks too. Jesus put this on my heart last week, so I invited any ladies in the Church that wanted to join us to go too. Hopefully we will have a good turn out. Mostly, I see the need to stretch my children a lil' bit. (Of course, I can always use some stretching too, eh?) So many times it is so easy to live life without really recognizing the needs around us. I just wanted them to have their eyes opened just a bit and hopefully their hearts as well, you know?

Christmas time is a good time to share the Good News and Hope of our Saviour. I wanted to make sure that I took this opportunity and made good use of it. ;o)

Praying that God's blessing and joy is in your home this Christmas season!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day one - Christmas Study

I am using the Amanda Bennett Christmas Unit Study for the month of December.

So far so good!
I just quickly took a few pics to show ya.

Here is Little Bear's designed notebook:

And...I am beaming here...look at her handwriting!!!!

She did it ALL by herself. I think that's pretty good for a 5 years young little girl, if I do say so. ;o)

This is the list of "WOW Words" for the lower grades for today. Not exactly understanding how those work, but at least it gives them some research skills...

Superkid's handwriting is pretty swell too, don't ya think?

That's all for today.

Oh no! Wait, we started our Jesse Tree again this year. This year though we are using A Holy Experience's Advent Devotional instead. ;o) Can't comment yet since we are only on day two...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Speaking of camera issues

Well, technically it's not the camera that has issues...

The kids made these really cool origami turkeys for thanksgiving.
They don't have them anymore.
And, guess who didn't take a picture?
Mmmm Hmmm.

If you are interested in them, you can check out the youtube video they used to make them:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!

Bee Hive Field Trip

So, my friends husband is a bee keeper. Since we were studying pollination & there was a whole section all about bees (which is facinating by the way!), I asked her if we could come check the hives out. I got my camera all charged up, actually remembered to TAKE the camera with me...and totally forgot to take a single picture! Yep.

Anyway, it was really neat & the kids had a great time seeing where bees "do their thing." ;o)

Just thought I would share with you.