Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, I have news...

I'm just going to come right out and say it....
We are leaving SOW.
Ok, I know what you are thinking.
"You said you NEVER would."
Well...you know the saying - never say never. ;o)

Over the holidays I just kept hearing Jesus whispering in my ear that it was time for a change.

The whole time I didn't quite know what that meant. I just knew it meant...change.

After a lot of prayer, and a little bit of whining -

I have purchased the HEART OF DAKOTA curriculum.
For all of my children.

And, because God said to do it...I am just walking forward and I'm not going to look back until He says it's ok. Because, He said to. I could get into a long, thoughtful discussion about some of the reasons why, but the REAL reason is - He told me to go.

So, I'm not going to sit and pout about it.
I know He knows what is best. ;o)

I fully expect that as we settle, I will (hopefully) see how I can bring some of the things I LOVE so much about SOW into our school day, in some way.

But, right now I am just walking through the door put before me.

I just don't know if I want to keep up on the blog right now. Maybe at some point I might even start a new one (like I've done in the past), but for now I'm just going to settle in.

This lady has a great blog for the kindergarten my daughter will be doing:

And, this lady is doing similar programs as my 11yo & almost 3yo boys are going to do.

So, that will give you an idea of what we are doing, while I'm away.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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Anonymous said...

So, if you start a new blog (and I hope you keep blogging somewhere:-) please send the link on. I enjoy keeping up with you all even though we don't seem to be able to connect often.