Wednesday, January 5, 2011

...Cough...Happy New Year!!..cough, cough...

Well, not quiet the way I expected this new year to begin. I've been laying in bed for the past few days. Turns out I have influenza A and I have bronchitis. Ugh. I am feeling much better. Praise God! It's been a rough few days. The kids are so great though. Superkid has been a big helper with my very active two year old. My little bear loves to make cards, so I got a few of those and a crown to wear from her. Lol! :o) My sweet husband had to miss some work taking care of me too. He's the VERY best, I'm tellin' you.

School has been math mostly and Christmas presents the kids got, like the drawing book, the robots that have been put together, the piano they are all learning. It was so cute, I overheard little bear talking to Big D the other day and she was showing him how to make an F chord and trying to teach him how to play. Considering she doesn't really quite know how to was really cute!

I'm just thanking God for christmas gifts that I can consider "school" time stuff, you know?

Anyway, I have so much to say.
I just need to find a few minutes.

So, we'll, uh, catch up later, mmm kay?
In the meantime, I'm drinking me some tea and going back to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! When the weather warms up a bit we need to set a date to milk a cow:-)