Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas in full swing 'round here!

Christmas tree up...check!
House decorated...check!
Christmas cards done...check!

And on it goes, doesn't it?

Is there a check mark to make sure we have the Love of our Lord working in our home? Lol!

Today the kids and I are going to visit a local nursing home. We are going to pass out some candy canes & share the Gospel by handing out tracks too. Jesus put this on my heart last week, so I invited any ladies in the Church that wanted to join us to go too. Hopefully we will have a good turn out. Mostly, I see the need to stretch my children a lil' bit. (Of course, I can always use some stretching too, eh?) So many times it is so easy to live life without really recognizing the needs around us. I just wanted them to have their eyes opened just a bit and hopefully their hearts as well, you know?

Christmas time is a good time to share the Good News and Hope of our Saviour. I wanted to make sure that I took this opportunity and made good use of it. ;o)

Praying that God's blessing and joy is in your home this Christmas season!!

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Miss Theresa said...

Mercy! Love your blog. I am so glad we are in touch! Theresa xo